Internal rules of the Lubumbashi Golf Club


All members are supposed to know the rules of procedure as well as the statutes of the association.


The colors of the Golf de Lubumbashi are red and white.

During official competitions during which a member represents the association, he is required to wear these colours.

Golf attire includes: trousers or Bermuda shorts. which must have a belt, side pockets and a zipper + short socks or long socks preferably white + golf shoes + shirt or polo shirt with collar. Players can wear a “panty skirt” or a mid-length skirt instead of pants or Bermuda shorts. The “Mao” or “choker” type “Tiger Woods” polo shirt is allowed as long as it is a polo shirt and not a T-shirt.

Players can add to this outfit: Headgear (hat, visor or cap). Gloves: rainwear, sweater. Golf shoes can be replaced by classic sports shoes. Good cut jeans are tolerated out of competition. Any player wearing jeans will not be admitted to the competition. Fancy jeans (faded, patched or with holes) as well as T-shirts are never allowed, neither on the field, nor on the driving range, nor at the Club House. Sportswear is prohibited (short or long sports shorts, T-shirt, jogging, training, etc.) on the golf course and inside the Club House. Supporting members who practice squash, football or jog are authorized after practicing their sport to frequent the terrace in sportswear but must wear tracksuits (training). Members and their guests must adopt decent and correct attire in the Club House.

Members practicing squash, football or jogging are required to change in the locker room before attending the Club House.

During sponsored competitions, if the sponsor of the competition distributes polo shirts and caps, out of respect for it, it is recommended that players wear the colors of the sponsor.

It is forbidden to keep golf shoes equipped with metal spikes on the terrace and in the Clubhouse.


There are 3 types of members: effective members, honorary members and sympathizing members. Honorary members are accepted by the General Assembly of members on the proposal of the committee. Anyone wishing to become a full member must complete a membership application form and must be sponsored by two full members, themselves full members for at least 2 years.

Members who sponsor engage their moral responsibility. They must know the candidate. They vouch for him in respect of the moral and ethical values ​​that characterize the Club. They support the solvency of the candidate. Sponsoring members must introduce the candidate to the committee prior to the posting of the application to the valves. The candidacy remains on display for 15 days during which any active member can express his opinion on the membership application. After this period, the committee decides definitively by accepting or refusing the candidacy. The Committee accepts or refuses requests for admission from new members without its decision having to be motivated.

If the candidate new member does not know any active member likely to sponsor him, he will introduce his request and present it in person at the nearest meeting of the committee. After the presentation, the committee may provisionally accept or refuse the request. If the committee accepts it, the request will also be posted but the duration of the posting will be doubled (1 month). This period will be considered a probationary period. After this period, the committee makes a final decision on the candidate’s request.

The candidate member has access to the facilities as soon as his candidacy is posted at the gates. If the candidate member is already a golf player, he will pay his dues as soon as his request is accepted. If the new member is a beginner golfer, he will benefit from a period of 3 months from the day of his request for the payment of his subscription. If after this period, the new member continues to attend the Club, he will pay his subscription. If Golf ceases to interest him during this period. he will stop practicing and no contribution will be asked of him. Any beginner member will have to pass 3 tests before being granted access to the course.

  1. Satisfy a technical aptitude test organized by the captain or his delegate;
  2. Successfully pass an examination on the rules of golf and etiquette organized by the Captain or his delegate;
  3. Hit two cards in two games, accompanied by the captain or his delegate, obtaining a minimum score of 25 Stableford points, on a handicap of 36 for men and 40 for women, and in normal time for a game.

Players from outside the club must show a handicap of 30 or less before being admitted to the course. Before going on the field, they must report to the secretariat. After registering on the visitor register and after payment of the green fee, the secretariat will issue them a counterfoil to attach to the bag.

Members are free to withdraw from the club at any time. Any excluded or resigning member is required to pay the contributions relating to the financial year during which the exclusion or resignation occurs. A suspended member is not permitted to use Club facilities for the duration of his suspension.

Any member deemed to have resigned, if he wishes to become a member again, must reintroduce a renamed request like any new member.

Supporting members:

Supporting members are non-golfers who appreciate the club and care about it. support and wish to be able to enjoy the Club House. People who do not practice golf but who have children they wish to enroll in the Club are required to become sympathizing members. People wishing to become sympathizing members are required to complete an application form identical to that of effective members, they must also be sponsored and presented to the committee. The sympathizing member, upon admission, will pay an annual fee. The amount of the contribution is fixed by the committee. Supporting members are not effective members. They can invite foreign people but only to the Club House. Their guests do not have access to the land. Supporting members only have access to the Club House. If they want to be able to practice a sport other than Golf, within the club (squash, football, jogging), they must request it and wait for the authorization of the committee. They will have to pay an additional contribution to cover maintenance costs.

For those who practice squash, the squash outfit must be correct. It should consist of solid-colored shorts, a polo shirt, socks and soft-soled shoes. The outfit is of the type approved for tennis.

Those who practice football will be equipped with the ad hoc outfit consisting of sports shorts, a polo shirt, high socks, shin guards and shoes with plastic or metal studs or classic sports shoes . They will see to it. that fair play reigns between the players.

Squash and football players are not allowed in the Club House or on the terrace in sportswear. They are required to wear a tracksuit or change. For this purpose, the locker rooms of the facilities are at their disposal.

Supporting members who wish to run around the golf course are authorized to do so after payment of their subscription and subject to strict compliance with the following rules:

  • The land is a golf course, the practice of golf takes priority over any other activity.
  • The jogger will stop running when he approaches a place where players are starting and will refrain from making noise for the duration of the starts
  • It will also stop when approaching a green where golfers are putting or about to putt.
  • Generally speaking, he will stop whenever he approaches a player who is about to play.
  • It is forbidden to run on the fairways and greens.
  • The jogger will receive a map of the terrain specifying the authorized route. This route will be signposted. It will remain on tractor roads. He can only run on the authorized course. If possible, he will put a row of trees between him and the golf course.
  • It is forbidden to run on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., as well as on weekdays when there is competition.
  • A jogger cannot invite a non-member to run or walk. Pets are not allowed whether on a leash or loose.
  • The jogger must be able to hear a golfer’s warning if there is danger. Wearing a portable music device (walkman) is therefore prohibited.
  • Any jogger sympathetic member who does not respect the rules set out above will be permanently excluded from the club.


Under the responsibility of full members or honorary members, persons having a direct family relationship with them or residing under the same roof or being guests of the Lubumbashi Golf Club House are authorized to attend. here for a stay in Lubumbashi.

These people are bound by the same obligations as all members.

In the event that these people wish to practice golf, they are required to report to the secretariat in order to be recorded in the attendance register. They must mention their level (handicap) and their club of origin. They are also required to pay the green fee before playing or practicing. People residing in Lubumbashi who wish to become members but want to visit the course first can play on the course by paying a green fee. However, they cannot play more than 3 times by paying a green fee. They must then complete an affiliation application form and wait for the committee’s response.

Members of other golf associations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, visiting Lubumbashi, are guests of the association during their stay. They must nevertheless report to the secretariat in order to fill in the attendance register.

It is up to the committee to define whether they are required to pay the green fee or not.

Any member, foreign player or guest must go through the dung club to enter the field. It is strictly forbidden to enter the course through the tractor access door or through the football field or through the entrance reserved for cadets.

The use of carts or any other motorized vehicle is normally prohibited. The committee, in particular on medical advice, may authorize a member to use a cart. During major competitions, in particular the Open, carts are subject to the authorization of the sports commission.

Animals are prohibited on the grounds as well as in the Club House, whether free or on a leash.


It is strictly forbidden to do practice on the course, nor to train putting on the greens.

Except by special dispensation, the balls must be hit at the start of the posts fitted with practice mats made of synthetic material. Access to the driving range is only accompanied by a caddy who alone is authorized to pick up the balls. In other words, players cannot pick up their balls themselves under any circumstances.

Non-members taking lessons at the Club are required to pay a practice fee to the Club secretariat beforehand.

Calm is essential on the driving range and in general in the Club’s facilities. Players will ensure to leave the practice in the initial state and clean of any waste. They will also make sure to inform the Committee of any abnormal fact occurring or observed.

Golfers playing the course have priority at hole n°13 over players training on the driving range except on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday from 4 p.m., hole n°13 will be closed to play to allow juniors to train in complete safety.

Access to the driving range of 13 is prohibited during competitions.


Parents accompanied by young children are asked to personally ensure that they do not in any way disturb other members both on the grounds and in the facilities of the club-dung. In particular, they will ensure that their children do not make noise around the playground or driving range.

Unaccompanied children and non-players may under no circumstances circulate on the grounds or in the immediate vicinity and in the play area set up for this purpose. Children can play in the car park or in the squash facilities or in the changing room. Children cannot invite other non-member children into the club.

In the event of damage caused by children to the association’s facilities, the parents are fully responsible.

In any case, parents are required to leave their children in the play area under the responsibility of a person they provide themselves. The association declines all responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by or to these children in this case.

Children are only tolerated on the terrace or in the Club-House insofar as the weather and/or lighting conditions do not allow the use of the play area. In this case, parents will ensure that their children do not disturb other members. Parents will ensure that children respect staff members, as well as other members of the Club. Any child disrespecting a member of staff or a member of the committee may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the club by the committee.

Members who want their children to learn golf will register them at the secretariat and pay an annual “junior” fee for each child.


The captaincy is made up of the captain, the vice-captains and the commissioners who help him in the performance of his duties. In the event of prolonged absence, the captain may delegate one of his vice-captains or a commissioner to replace him. The captain organizes the practice of the game of golf, manages the handicaps of the members and ensures the proper functioning of the secretariat in this respect.

The Captain alone judges the modifications of the handicap of the players The captain defines the formula of play and the character of difficulty which the ground will have to present for each competition.

The captain monitors the application of game rules, interprets and settles disputes. Its decisions relating to golf management are final. He is competent for the application of sporting sanctions which can go as far as a temporary ban on access to the field or participation in competitions. During competitions. the captain monitors the pace of play, checks the rankings and announces the results.

In collaboration with the field manager. he ensures the regularity of the signs, promulgates and revises the local rules, enacts the rules of use of the driving range, decides on the cancellation of an event or the closure of the course.


The competition program is organized jointly by the captain and the party commissioner. It is posted at the valves and completes as the year progresses.

The registration lists for the competitions are posted on the Club House valves a few days before the said competition. The registration lists mention in particular:

  • the type of competition,
  • any category limits,
  • any optional or compulsory extra-sporting activities related to the competition.

Individual competitions are taken into account for the calculation of the handicap of the participants. Unless otherwise specified, competitions are reserved for members only, their guests and players invited by sponsors. For the latter cases, the Club grounds will set the maximum number of guests allowed.

By simply registering. the competitor is supposed to accept all the particularities specific to the competition.

The closing of registrations takes place at 6:00 p.m., the day before the day scheduled for the competition, with the exception of major events such as, in particular, the Open. The drawing of departures takes place just after the closing time taking into account, if possible, the times desired by the competitors: the display at the club’s valves comes immediately after. The competitor is asked to find out his departure time. Any player arriving more than 5 minutes late may be disqualified or penalized by the Captain. Any player unable to attend will be kind enough to notify the Captain’s office. Any player who repeatedly fails to notify of his absence or who is repeatedly absent without valid reason, may be subject to sporting sanctions.

During the distribution of the prizes, out of respect for the sponsors, for the organizers and for the other competitors, the presence of the renters is strongly desired. In their absence without valid reason, the Club gives itself the possibility of awarding the prizes to the winners present (to the following ones).

Players are expected to be knowledgeable about Golf and local rules. They are the ones who govern all competitions. Any complaint will be submitted to the sports commission before the announcement of the results. The committee’s decision is final.


All members or visitors must park their vehicle in the car park provided for this purpose. It is forbidden to park near the football field. It is forbidden to park in front of the access gates to the site. The association declines all responsibility for any accidents or thefts that may occur there.


The use of valves and tables is exclusively reserved for the committee. It is forbidden for anyone to post a text. a notice, an advertisement, a photograph, or a drawing at the valves or in the premises of the circle without having received the authorization of the committee.


In the event of an infringement of the rules of procedure, politeness, fair play, rules of etiquette, good morals or the statutes, the committee will decide on the conduct to be adopted with regard to the person concerned. and may impose penalties of up to exclusion.

The rules of procedure are distributed to each new member. It is displayed at the valves. Every member is deemed to know him.


The amount of the annual dues for full members is proposed by the committee to the general assembly. The amounts of entry fees, green fees, any provisional contributions and in general all other pricing are defined by the committee.

All these prices are available at the secretariat.

Temporary or sympathizer contributions or contributions allowing the practice of other sports are payable as soon as the person concerned has received the opinion of the Committee specifying the amount to be paid.

Green fees are payable before going on the course.

The first contribution is payable upon receipt of the opinion of the committee specifying their amount to the person concerned.

The annual membership fee is payable no later than 30 days after the annual general meeting (i.e. end of March) and this, without the need to send a reminder to the members.

Consumption bills must be paid each week to the secretariat or, if it is a special holiday, 15 days after receipt of the bill.

In the event that the payment deadlines are exceeded by 30 days after the call for payment, the amounts to be paid will bear interest at 2% per month.

It is left to the committee to decide on other sanctions for late payments.

In this case, they will inform the members beforehand of the measure envisaged by posting on the valves.

Any member who is more than a month late in paying their dues will be banned from competition. After a period of 2 months, the committee will proceed to display the name of the offending member and the amount due on the valves.

An exclusion procedure may be initiated by the committee with regard to members who are very late in payment.

Effective members who are not in order of subscription cannot participate in the General Assembly.


Non-player members are those provided for by the statutes, to the exclusion of all others.


The golf course has been classified by the Mayor as “Natural heritage of the city of Lubumbashi”. Each member or visitor will take care to respect the fauna and flora and to avoid any pollution or degradation of the environment.


The rules of procedure can be modified or amended by the committee in place, which will vote by a majority of 2/3 of its members. The opinion of senior members may be sought.