Lubumbashi Golf Club Membership Procedure

Lubumbashi Golf Club.

It is a non-profit association (ASBL) governed by the laws of the country.


Our main activity is golf but we also offer the possibility of practicing other secondary activities such as walking and squash. We run sponsored competitions or club competitions throughout the year (usually a one day event).
The association is made up of the following categories of members:

  1. Effective members, to which the spouse and minor descendants are assimilated. They take part in all the activities of the association and are the only voting and eligible members.
  2. Affiliate members participate in certain activities of the association determined by the Rules of Procedure.
  3. Honorary members are appointed by the General Assembly.

Effective members are either:

  • single golfer;
  • or golfing couple with or without children.

Affiliate members are either:

  • walker;
  • or squash.

Lubumbashi Golf Club Membership Procedure

To join the Lubumbashi Golf Club you must:

  • Demonstrate your desire to join with the club secretariat;
  • Collect a membership form from the secretariat and complete it;
  • Be sponsored by two former effective members having at least two years of seniority and not being part of the committee;
  • Return the form duly completed and signed to the secretariat;
  • Be received by the committee (after having been contacted by the secretariat), in a meeting which briefly explains the rules and practicalities related to the practice of golf in our club;
  • Pay the entrance fees and the annual subscription as fixed by the last Ordinary General Meeting;

In 2022, they are assessed as follows:


  • Entry fee for all new members = $300
  • SINGLE GOLFER annual fee: $1,500 + $50 (insurance) = $1,550
  • COUPLE GOLFER annual dues: $2,000 + $100 (insurance) = $2,100
  • CHILD GOLFER annual dues: $100 + $50 (insurance) = $150
  • Annual membership fee for WALKER affiliate member: $500
  • Annual fee for SQUASHEUR affiliate member (entrance fee included) = $500


  • Golf / Practice = $25
  • Golf / 9 holes = $30
  • Golf / 18 holes = $50
  • Walker = $20

Contributions are paid on the basis of a Debit Note established by the secretariat.

General remark :

  • In general, a new member who is already a golfer pays all fees due to the club upon joining.
  • A new member who is not yet a golfer benefits from a 3-month trial period before paying his membership fee. This three (3) month period begins upon their confirmation as a member by the club committee.
  • After the 3 months of trial, 2 options:
    1. The new golfer does not appear, this means that he therefore confirms his definitive membership with the secretariat who will issue a retroactive debit note from the start of his trial period.
    2. The new golfer does not wish to continue, he must notify the committee in writing by writing to the secretariat. Nothing will be charged.
  • The new golfer devotes his trial period to learning golf, under the supervision of a coach with whom he takes lessons. He can go and play “alone” on the course once his level of golf has been validated by the coach and the committee.

A copy of this procedure is available by contacting the secretariat: email:
Tel: +243 853 429 813 or +243 974 936 669